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The brand of jam, dip, etc. is particular about using the local ingredients from Karuizawa, Shinshu


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About FINE

FINE Karuizawa is a brand that beloved in Karuizawa, Shinshu, and proposing an idea of
“a high-quality dining space”.
We offer a variety of quality products. A jam is made from locally grown fruit in Shinshu, a dip is used vegetables that are grown in the highland area, a spread is made from domestic red beans, and we have some herbal teas. Also, we prepare some gift sets that “a special gift from Karuizawa” as a theme. From now on, we are given a joy from our customer and make an effort to send our products that using the selected ingredients with food safety and security.

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FINE Commitment

Safe and Secure

We consider that providing our products to customers at ease because buying the raw ingredients of our products directly from local farmers. Also, under the perfect management, we are particular about using the selected fresh raw ingredients. Controlling the proper manufacturing process is by professional artisans. For the principle of food safety, no added food coloring or preservative is the belief of importance since FINE Karuizawa was established.

The Pursuit of Taste

Communicating with local farmers is worth for FINE Karuizawa. That is the reason why we can select the best raw ingredients as fresh each season, and our recipe brings out the taste of raw ingredients. Commonly, a jam recipe is boiled down a fruit and cools it down. However, we stew a fruit with fruit juice. Using this manufacturing process does not lose a texture of fruit in the jam, it can be tasted not only the flavor also the fruit’s texture. Our jam is different from regular jam, but it is similar to the concept of confiture.


After we are delivered the raw ingredients directly from local farmers, they will be produced immediately. We use a limited number of seasonal raw ingredients for our products, and they are condensed the best taste of raw ingredients. We produce our products each time when we get the ingredients because it needs to be tasted the fresh fruits every time. That is why we cannot do mass-produce. In addition, in order to eat the fresh one, we use the single-serving size bottle container.

Jam (Confiture)

FINE Karuizwa’s jams (Confitures) have been delivered to customers that to be particular about “freshness”, “texture”, and “taste”. We get the raw ingredients of jams directly from the local farms in Nagano. The best-selected ingredients have sent a factory for making the products as soon as we receive them. That is the reason why our products can be enjoyed the taste of raw ingredients.

Product List
Healthy Vegetable Dip

FINE Karuizawa’s healthy vegetable dip is made with low-calorie mayonnaise base, adding a lot of locally grown vegetables in Karurizawa. Also, this is no added preservative. Would you like to have it as one of the standard items on your dining table?

Product List

FINE Karuizawa has given to customers many kinds of spreads. A theme of spreads is that creating a new variety of flavors and impressionable tastes. A series of Azuki-Butter is particular about using domestic azuki beans, and becomes the signature item at FINE Karuizawa now. We have received great feedbacks about this series from various fields.

Product List
Herb tea, tea and coffee

FINE Karuizawa has proposed herbal tea, tea, and coffee. We are ready a variety of them and you can select it depends on your feeling or situation . Please enjoy your time with it.

Product List

FINE Karuizawa prepares a variety of gift-sets that a theme is “A special gift from Karuizawa”. We offer the thoughtful gifts, the seasonal gifts, and the holiday gifts. Why don’t you send a special gift from Karuizawa?

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In order to pay to eat more delicious

How to Eat Confiture
1. After opening the bottle, stir the confiture well with a clean spoon for maximum taste the texture of the fruits.
2. Keep it in the refrigerator below 10℃, it should be eaten as soon as possible. (For best quality use within 7days)

【 Tips 】
Enjoy it always using a cleanness spoon, and avoid using the spoon multiple times. (If using an uncleanness spoon, may lose some of the freshness and quality. Although it is still safe to be eaten with an uncleanness spoon.)
Using an cleanness spoon can also result in taking away the freshness to the confiture and may shorten the time of expiry. Using a cleanness spoon every time is highly recommended.

~Customer Service~
if you have any questions, please contact us (24hr/7days)

Store information

FINE Karuizawa Main Store

Church Street Karuizawa 1F
601-1 Karuizawa Karuizawa-machi
Kita-sakugun, Nagano 〒389-0102
Tel & Fax:0267-41-2118

Church Street Karuizawa 1F 601-1 Karuizawa Karuizawa-machi Kita-sakugun, Nagano 〒389-0102

Industrial Information

Member of Karuizawa-machi Shokoukai
Main Store Church Street Karuizawa 1F 601-1 Karuizawa Karuizawa-machi Kita-sakugun, Nagano 〒389-0102
Tokyo Office Sun-mall Ordinal8 Manshon 203, 1-20-14 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo,
160-0022 Japan.
Main Business Activities Import/Export/Produce/Sale Food
Sale Teas
Restaurant Management Consulting
President Shinsuke Suzuki


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